The British Government is set to announce a ban on sale of new vehicles powered by fossil fuels from 2040 onward. This includes sale of petrol and diesel powered vehicles, including hybrids. Nowhere are motorcycles mentioned clearly, but the Motorcycle Industry Association has welcomed the move, claiming it to be a “tremendous stimulus” to motorcycle makers.

The move comes after a similar commitment made by France recently. Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, said,”For all the congestion-busting abilities of motorcycles and the abilities to make electric bikes I think it’s a tremendous stimulus for the motorcycle industry. It’s a tremendous trigger to push on with electric motorcycles.”

The Zero SR, a sensible $16,000 electric motorcycle with 69 hp and up to 300 km on a single charge.

Electric motorcycles are definitely the next step of two wheeled transport and lifestyle. Since their inception and continuous technological development, electric bikes have constantly evolved. No longer is this a nascent segment, with unreliable tech. The electric motorcycles of today assure longer range, almost zero maintenance, and a wide range of choice to suit tastes of different consumers. From humble e-scoots to commercially available bikes like Zero Motorcycles, to obscenely powerful and fast machines like the Lightning LS-218, there is something electric for everyone.

An all electric Supermoto: The KTM Freeride E-SM