Finally Marc was unable to win here in Brno and his winning streak has come to an end, but it was a great day for Dani!

Absolutely! We are very happy for Dani and his team! They did a great job at this circuit and he has been able to win a superb race here as in 2012. Marc, for the first time in MotoGP, has finished the race off the podium… sooner or later it had to happen as it is impossible at this level to always win!


Dani showed his talent today and it’s fantastic that Honda continues a perfect season

Eleven races out of eleven! Not sure if it is a record, but anyway it is something special and we must thank all the people that work in HRC. Thank to their hard work our RCV is a “lethal weapon” for our competitors!

Why did Marc seem to struggle so much in this race?

The level in MotoGP is very high, and it is enough to miss something in the set up of the bike to be out of the fight. This shows even more how great his results in MotoGP have been so far.

What will you be testing in tomorrow’s post-race test?

We will test again the 2015 prototype, and I am sure Marc will try to find something to improve his set up and feeling on this circuit on his actual bike. We need to work hard if we want to keep this level!

Next Up: Silverstone. What can we expect there? Will Marc be back stronger than ever or will Dani use this momentum to take him to his second win of the season?

I believe it will be a great race! Marc will want to show that Brno was just a bad day, but Dani, Jorge and Vale will be very motivated to beat him again… I am sure they will all put on a great show.