The next season (2019) of MotoGP will witness some changes in the rules concerned with the aerodynamics and electronics of the race bikes. The revised rules have been announced recently by the concerned MotoGP authorities.

As per the new rules, from the 2019 MotoGP teams will only use a single front fairing design for the entire season. There can’t be any design modifications or alterations during the season. The winglets that we see on today’s MotoGP bikes were debuted in 2015 and have been a controversial topic ever since. It was at the end of 2016 when the GP commission decided to put a ban on these, however, they were again allowed after a few revision in the guidelines.

The concerned authorities of MotoGP released a statement regarding the aerodynamics of the bikes, it stated, “Aero-body regulations have been released by the Technical Director and new aero-body dimension limits and limitations on the combination of different aero-body parts have been introduced. As a result, the present designs will still be allowed, but it won’t be possible to remove/swap significant aerodynamic parts.”

The other revision that we will see in the 2019 MotoGP season is in the electronics of the race bikes. At present, the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) installed on the bikes send a bunch of information to the ECU, which, in turn, controls power output and other electronics onboard. The new rules will introduce a “unified inertial platform” to restrict teams using various data from the IMU and feed it to the ECU and perhaps gaining a slight advantage. With the new rule, the flow of data will be standardized among all the teams.

Both the new rules seem to be pretty fair and would result in much more engaging MotoGP races. Since the bikes will become more or less the same, it will depend on the rider’s skills and talent to win a race. How do you perceive these changes, let us know in the comments?