team suzuki ecstar-2019-motogp-gsx-rr-uae-dubai

With the beginning of 2019 MotoGP season coming closer and closer, teams are one by one revealing their new bikes and livery. Yamaha, Honda, and Ducati have already shown us what they’ve done for the upcoming season. Now it’s time Suzuki’s turn. Team Suzuki Ecstar revealed the 2019 GSX-RR which has got 240PS of power!

Unlike other teams, Suzuki decided to do the unveiling of the new bike and livery in a totally digital way. There was no event organized for the same. Instead, Suzuki did the honors by releasing a video on its YouTube channel.

The new 2019 Suzuki GSX-RR will continue to show off its vibrant blue color. Of course, it must’ve gone through a few changes in the garage to make it that much more capable and better for the 2019 MotoGP season.

The bike’s 1000cc engine is tuned to produces a whopping 240PS of power which gives it a top speed of 340km/h. The carbon disc brakes are made by Brembo. The suspension is from Ohlins. The bike is 2,096mm long, 1,140mm tall, 720mm wide, and weighs a mere 157kg. Now you can do the math to imagine the sheer acceleration of this brutal machine.

team suzuki ecstar-2019-motogp-gsx-rr-uae-dubai
Alex Rins

Riding the new GSX-RRs will be Alex Rins, who came second in last three rounds of the 2018 season. He will be accompanied by a new rider, Joan Mir who takes place of Andrea Iannone, who left the team to join Aprilia for this season.

team suzuki ecstar-2019-motogp-gsx-rr-uae-dubai
Joan Mir