The 2017 MotoGP is in its full swing. After a long summer break, the season witnessed its first post-break race at Brno, Czech. With a fantastic strategy, it was the Spaniard Marc Marquez to grab the first position which he truly deserves. Apart from Marquez’s outstanding win, another incident happened in the pit lanes at Brno which we overlooked, but the governing bodies at MotoGP didn’t.

marc-marquez-motogp-uae-dubaiThe incident – Andrea Iannone fell in pit lane after Aleix Espargaro pulled out in front of him. No one got injured in this case but it could have been worse had both the riders crashed into each other. To avoid such instances there might be some amendments in the pit lane safety rules.

Mike Webb, MotoGP Race Director, says, “We’re doing things we know we can do without making huge problems elsewhere. Fewer people in pit lane, a dedicated person for bike release and all work on the bikes being done inside the garage. Those are steps that don’t hurt anything else and should help.”

2017-motogp-andrea-dovizioso-uae-dubaiHe added further, “The lower speed actually came to a very quick end because the factory engineers reported back from headquarters and said, ‘our engines won’t run at that speed’, so we are now waiting on information from all of the factories about what is the minimum speed we could impose inside the technical possibilities. The key thing is to move as many people out of pit lane as possible.”

The governing bodies have taken in feedback from MotoGP riders as well, which vary from rider to rider, and are contemplation on it. Perhaps, the new rules would bring in an additional person at the time of bike swapping in the pit lane. This additional person (called as the lollipop in F1) will have only one responsibility, to keep an eye on other riders and to take a decision when to release his rider. As of now, nothing has been finalised and made official. We’ll keep you updated when any news is out.

The next 2017 MotoGP race is scheduled to take place on 27th Aug at Silverstone Circuit, in the UK.