Dashboard Messages will enhance communication between the riders and their teams

The rule making body of MotoGP, the Grand Prix Commission, has given nod to the use of Dashboard Messages by the teams from 2018 MotoGP season. The decision has been taken after a lot of speculations and consideration of views of the teams and the riders.

The current system allows Race Direction to send warnings to the riders about races being red-flagged or if any individual rider is black-flagged. The implementation of Dashboard Messages will definitely provide more communication options for the Race Direction, teams and riders.

There have been instances when riders have reported that they have missed their pit-boards many times, causing a loss in some or the other form which effects their chance of winning. They have also displayed a desire of being able to receive messages from their respective teams to help them take certain decisions, like when to swap bikes from wet tyres to slick, etc.

All this have finally led to the implementation of Dashboard Messages in MotoGP and Moto 3 from 2018. Moto 2 will be getting it later. It’d be interesting to witness the effect of this new rule.