michelin moto-e

With the recent unfolding of events which revealed that Energica will be the only manufacturer to supply electric race bikes for the first FIA Moto-E, things have been pretty interesting. The latest news regarding Moto-E is that Michelin has been officially announced as the sole tyre supplier for the electric bikes.

“For as long as Michelin has existed, the projects in which it has been involved have sought to take mobility forward, while making it safer, more economical and more respectful of the planet,” said Pascal Couasnon, Motorsport Director at Michelin.

He further added, “Progress needs all the stakeholders to innovate, not only on the technological front but also in terms of their vision. As motorcycle racing’s first all-electric competition, the Moto-E World Cup’s creation by the FIM and Dorna Sports is a concrete, meaningful move in favour of mobility.”

Michelin has been the official tyre supplier for MotoGP since 2016. The switch over to from Bridgestone did take some time for the riders to get used to but eventually, the results were great. The 2017 MotoGP season was one of the best seasons of all time.

While Michelin will continue to provide its services for the MotoGP class and take charge for the Moto-E, Dunlop has been handed the duties for the Moto2 and Moto3 groups.

The first season of the FIA Moto-E is scheduled to commence in 2019. We’re all pretty excited about everything related to it. It’d be a completely different experience to witness fast electric motorcycles racing. However, there’d be a lot of brainstorming to be done regarding the duration of the race (laps) depending on the range of the batteries of the race bikes. We’re sure the responsible organisation will come up with some feasible solution to it, which would be exciting for the fans too.