After a long day roaming around Dubai, we wanted to have a pit stop, where we can refresh, re-energize, and work, however we wanted to do it the Bike Nation Magazine way; at a place that offers the right atmosphere.


We knew of a café that opened at Al Wasl Road in Dubai, particularly at Box Park; Yamaha Café, and we made up our minds and just went there. First thing that caught our attention is the Yamaha Bolt that is hanging at the entrance, giving the immediate impression that you are at the right place. Upon entering the café, friendly staff are welcoming you and explaining the type of the place, we did not need lots of explanation and we just jumped our way around to explore the place ourselves.


The place is fantastic for both bikers and none bikers, the seating arrangements are very welcoming, decoration is inspired by the Japanese bikers’ culture, and they even have some high tech bike race video games that you can play while you are actually sitting on a bike, isn’t this cool? Additionally, you can buy your perfect gear or gadget from the wide variety available at the shop.

You can race your favorite video game on a Yamaha bike

Ok, time for food! The menu is based on Japanese food, they offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Even if you are just dropping by to enjoy a refreshing drink or coffee, they have that for you. We ordered Vegetable Soup and Crispy Spicy Salmon Roll, and we must say, that the taste and quality were superb, and it was obvious that the ingredient they used are fresh and made on the spot.

Soup & Maki Yamaha Style

Price wise, you get great value for your money, the average check per person is somewhere around 90-100 which is great considering the freshness of food, great atmosphere, and great service. It is worth mentioning that if you are a biker you get a 15% discount on your total bill, even better; if you are a Yamaha motorcycle owner you get 20% discount on your total bill, people you now have three great reasons to own a Yamaha, great bike, great discount at the café, and of course your great café.



Yamaha Café offers special promotions throughout the week, the first is Ladies Day; every Monday ladies can claim 50% discount on the total bill. The second is Eat All You Can Sushi for AED 99 Only, and this happens every day at any time in the month of October.


After our experience here today, we confirm that we will definitely come again, next time on our bikes to get the special discount.