Metzeler wants you to enjoy your V-Twin motorcycles to the fullest. That’s why it has unveiled its brand-new CRUISETEC Custom Touring tires. These are designed specifically for both modern and past V-Twins to optimize their performance.

Metzeler CRUISETEC tires have been developed to meet the needs of motorcyclists who increasingly look for emotional, carefree riding and live their riding passion on V-Twin machines. These tires have been designed to pair with the latest generation of Cruisers and Tourers, machines that manufacturers are equipping with high-rated performance parts and the latest electronic rider aids.


Following are the benefits of the new Metzeler CRUISETEC Tires:

1) Enjoy performance cruising, which means great handling, line taking,
and line holding. Immediate response at all stages also in wet conditions and enhanced cornering grip and safety.

2) Performance consistency, which means handling is preserved throughout the entire tire lifespan thanks to the combination of a solid tread pattern with its constant-curvature contours and dual-compound layout that preserves the tire profile thanks to even wear.

3) Smooth and effortless riding thanks to maximized line holding when entering and maintaining lean angles and comfort.

4) Enhanced confidence and safety, also in the wet, which derives from the effective interaction of the tire with electronic rider aids.

Cruisetec on Thunderbike Harley-Davidson Sportster

The new CRUISETEC Tires will be made available from Jan 2019. They could be the perfect New Year gift for your beloved V-Twin. Make sure that these tires match your bike’s tire specifications. Following are the sizes in which the new CRUISETEC Tires will be available:



MT90B16 TL 72H

MU85B16 TL 77H

130/90B16 TL REINF 73H

180/65B16 REINF TL 81H

150/80-16 TL 71H

150/80B16 REINF TL 77H

130/80B17 TL 65H

130/90B16 REINF TL 73H
130/70R18 TL 63H

180/70B16 TL 77H

130/60B19 TL 61H

180/60R16 REINF TL 80H

100/90-19 TL 57H

MT90B16 TL 74H
120/70ZR19 TL (60W)

200/55R16 TL 77H

110/90-19 TL 62H

160/70B17 REINF TL 79V

MH90-21 TL 54H

200/55R17 TL 78V

120/70B21 REINF TL 68H

180/55B18 REINF TL 80H

240/40VR18 TL (79V)

180/55ZR18 TL (74W)

150/70B18 REINF TL 76H

260/40VR18 TL (84V)