Switzerland based Düsenspeed makes one of the most beautiful and radical eBikes around. Check out their range of svelte machines.

Electric power is most definitely one of the key contributors to future mobility. More and more startups, as well as established brands, are entering the race to come up with new designs and solutions based on electric powertrains.

One such startup is Düsenspeed of Switzerland. Düsenspeed makes electric two-wheelers with attitude. They have commenced production of three motorcycles, each targeted towards a specific audience.

The Model 1 Boardtracker, true to its name, is a tracker style eBike. It draws its inspiration from board track racers of the early twentieth century; a time when motorcycles had skinny tyres and no brakes. In the 21st century, you can’t have bikes without brakes, but Düsenspeed does wrap the Model 1’s rims with thin tyres. The frame of the model 1 weighs just 4 kg. The total weight of the Boardtracker falls between 21 and 31 kg according to the battery pack and accessories. Düsenspeed offers a range of battery packs with outputs between 500 and 1800 Wh and power rating between 250 to 2000 W. The Model 1 produces 80 Nm of peak torque and has a range of 40 to 200km on a single charge, depending on the style of usage.

Düsenspeed-dubai-uaeThe Model 2 Café Racer, gets livery inspired from the bobbers of the Forties. The frame of the Düsenspeed Model 2 weighs in at a mere 5.4 kg, with the same battery selection as the Model 1. An optional high-output battery pack brings the weight up to 48 kg. The Model 2 has a claimed top speed of just over 160 kph!




The Düsenspeed Model 3 Freeride/Downhill is a conventional MTB. Weighing 25 kg and putting down 500 W of max power with a peak torque figure of 50 Nm, the Freeride is no slouch. The range is between 50 and 150 km on a single charge, again depending on the riding style.


Each Düsenspeed is hand made and carries a serial number. The Model 1 is limited to 222 production units, while the Model 2 is limited to 164 units.