We are impatiently waiting for Lightning Motorcycles upcoming Strike that is scheduled to launch in March 2019. Until that happens, we’ve got an interesting detail about the electric motorcycle. Lightning has released a picture which shows the riding position that the Strike would offer.

The picture shows two rider positions. One is of the mighty LS-218 and the other of the upcoming Strike. It’s very clear that the Strike would have a much-relaxed position when compared to the LS-218.

new lightning motorcycle teaser-BNM-UAE-DUBAI

Lightning says that since its initial announcement for the upcoming launch of Strike, one of the top questions from customers has been in regards to rider position. In response to this, we wanted to clearly demonstrate Strike’s rider position relative to the ultra performance focused Lightning LS-218 Superbike. The Strike is a motorcycle engineered for the track but designed for the street.

So the Lightning Strike will be a much easier motorcycle to ride on the streets. It a bit upright rider position, when compared to the LS-218, will put less strain on rider’s wrists and back. Therefore, it could be ridden to cover up longer distances without any issues.

We are still waiting to get more details regarding this much anticipated electric motorcycle. So stay tuned.