Next-gen Suzuki Hayabusa rendered-uae-dubai
Image courtesy- Young-Machine

Suzuki has been working on a next-gen Hayabusa for quite some time now. Everyone knows that and is patiently waiting for it to be revealed. While we would still need to wait a bit longer for that to happen, we do have some new info about the upcoming ‘Busa.

As per the recently leaked patents, there is a conventional manual gearbox that Suzuki would like to have in the new model. The previous patents that Suzuki had filed revealed an electronically controlled semi-autonomous transmission. This means that either the next-gen Hayabusa would have two transmission options or Suzuki is going to stick to the conventional manual gearbox.

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Regarding the engine, it wouldn’t be a major upgrade; Suzuki might increase the displacement by around a 100cc which would give a slight power bump and would make it compliant with the stringent Euro 5 emission norms. Rumours of integrating a turbo or supercharger have been struck off for now. The chassis and frame of the current model are strong enough to withstand the new power and torque figures. However, they might undergo a few changes to shed some fat.

Next-gen Suzuki Hayabusa patent-uae-dubai

In terms of aesthetics, we aren’t expecting a huge design revamp. However, Suzuki would introduce some new elements like LED DRLs, sharper front fairing, revised exhaust, and new tail lamp. These are just speculations.

Considering the progress so far, we don’t think that Suzuki would be able to showcase the next-gen Hayabusa at this year’s EICMA and most probably, it’s going to be a 2021 model. Stay tuned for the future updates.