harley-davidson-electric motorcycle concept-CES_2019_BNM_UAE_DUBAI

Earlier this month, Harley-Davidson unveiled two new electric bike concepts at the most-famous Consumer Electronics Show (CES). These bikes have been in the development phase for quite some time now and Harley wants to get things up and running at the earliest.

Interestingly, out of the two electric bike concepts, one has been out in the open for real-world testing. There’s no name for any of the concepts so it’d be easier to explain if you have a look at the video.

Jackson Strong, an Australian X Games Gold Medalist, was given the opportunity to test this electric bike prototype in the snow. And it seems that he had a lot of fun playing with it. This Harley concept is somewhere between an e-MTB and a dirtbike. It has got knobbier tires which aren’t as large in dimensions as that on a proper dirtbike. But they’d get the job done. Also, it’s very obvious just by the looks of this prototype that it’s really lightweight.

So, combine that lightweight with the instant availability of torque of an electric motor, and you have a delicious recipe of a fun-packed dish.

harley-davidson-electric motorcycle concept-CES_2019_BNM_UAE_DUBAI

There’s no official statement from Harley-Davidson about the new electric motorcycles. However, the company did say ‘electric is the future’ under its logo in the video. That’s a really bold statement to make. Perhaps, it means that Harley-Davidson is eventually taking electric bikes very seriously and we’d be getting more of such motorcycles in the future.

As of now, we’d need to wait to have more details about the Harley concept electric bikes.