With years of experience in manufacturing off-road motorcycles, KTM has now launched a new one in the European market. It is the 2018 Freeride 250F. The Freeride range of motorcycles has been satisfying off-road enthusiasts for five years now.

The new 2018 Freeride 250F is powered by a new single cylinder, 250cc, DOHC, four-stroke engine. In the five years of its history, it’s the first time KTM has given the Freeride a quarter litre engine. More power is never a bad thing. To further enhance the riding experience, KTM has worked on the chassis too. It has redesigned it to provide more strength to sustain the harsh off-road environment. Also, the weight of the new motorcycle has been kept to a minimum; just 99 kg.

ktm-freeride-250f-uae-dubaiThe high-end WP Xplor suspension along with the 21-inch front wheel and high ground clearance, the 250F can easily traverse the unchartered terrains. Other new features of the 2018 Freeride 250F include a new front fender and a new headlight mask.

Joachim Sauer, KTM Product Marketing, Offroad, says, “The KTM Freeride 250 F truly is the ultimate fun machine. Its capabilities are wide and far, thanks to its incredibly agile nature that is further enhanced with the new 250cc 4-stroke engine displacement, which combines all of the assets of previous models into a newly reworked and lighter chassis. With improved handling, the WP Xplor suspension and a smooth, linear power-delivery, we thoroughly have enjoyed putting the new KTM Freeride 250 F through its paces over trials style obstacles, enduro rides, trails and the commute to work during its development for the model year 2018.It truly is the perfect all-rounder with the added fun-factor.”

Priced at 7,499 Euros, the 2018 KTM Freeride 250F is one of the best off-road motorcycles available for beginners.