Last month Ducati revealed that it would implement radar-based technologies in its production-ready motorcycles by 2020. Now, it is KTM which is also working on similar technologies to use it in its products.

KTM has been working on sensor-based techs like adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection. Gerald Matschl, VP of R&D, KTM, said that these technologies are still under development and it will take another 2-3 years to provide them on production-ready KTM bikes.

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KTM has got a working prototype of a 1290 Super Adventure. It has got sensors both at its front and rear. When tested, it successfully managed to maintain a constant distance between itself and a vehicle ahead, without any human interference. This has been possible because of the sensors placed at the front of the bike. They get activated only when the cruise control is on.

The other tech that KTM wants to implement in its motorcycles is the blind spot detection. The rearview mirrors will have LED lights with rear-facing sensors. These will warn the rider of the traffic behind. There will also be an indicator on the dash as well.

Technologies like these will definitely enhance the safety of motorcyclists. We hope that after seeing Ducati and KTM working on such tech, other manufacturers will also start developing similar tech to use on their motorcycles.