Kramer Motorcycles from Germany has introduced another moniker of its 790 Duke-based track motorcycle. The new bike was unveiled at the upcoming Barber Motorsports Park Vintage Festival in Alabama this week

Like its previous iteration, the company has also based the new offering on one of KTM’s most crowned model, Duke 790. Riding high on the success of its previous HKR EVO2 which used a KTM LC4 single-lump with bespoke chassis, the new bike gets a re-developed metal swing-arm that is designed around the Austrian bikemaker’s twin cylinder engine.

Reports suggest that the company is expected to flag off the production within the next 12 months with two different versions exiting the ramp. One, for track days and another dedicated to racing.

Expected to weigh just 135kg the bike might be introduced before the 2020 British GP2 season. Reports suggest that the bike is still being tested to develop a specific electronic package to supplement the bike’s performance.

The track-ready bike, however, sports a heavier kerb weight at 140kg which Kramer says has “immense potential on the circuit and at a very favourable cost’

“Appropriate levels of engine performance are offered, according to the orientation of the two different versions. Anticipated final performance values are yet to be established,” Krämer say.

In a statement that was issued by the company, Kramer said “This is an important moment for our still young but already established company. It’s time to take the next step using the experience from the past five years” Adding to which he also said “KTM, with its 790 Duke, offered an engine that was predestined to inspire us to go ahead with the ‘GP2’ project. Our know-how in construction and our production competence assured we were able to develop a fantastic racing bike based on the twin-cylinder concept.”