You need to have very deep pockets a very peculiar taste in motorcycles for wanting to shell out $78,000 (AED 282,000) for a motorcycle, especially for one that looks like this.

ARCH-KRGT-1-Motorcycle-UAEI was waiting to see what would come out of the collaboration between Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves when they announced the creation of their own motorcycle company some time ago. I’m not surprised at the result, a hand built unaffordable bespoke motorcycle, but I’m not so convinced with the looks. The Ariel Ace and the Lotus C-01 look far better if you ask me. They also cost much lesser compared to the Arch KRGT-1.

This retro modern motorcycle comes with a powerful S&S engine producing 121bhp and 121Nm of torque. Other interesting bits include the Ohlins fork and Race Tech shock, BST carbon fibre wheels, dual six-piston, radial-mount callipers, and completely customisable foot peg and bar placement.


For those who want to know more, below is the full official press release from Arch Motorcycles.

Founders Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves are proud to introduce the custom-production Arch KRGT-1, ARCH Motorcycle Company’s versatile, performance-oriented, American V-twin with the perfect balance of performance and design. Manufactured exclusively in ARCH’s Los Angeles area factory, the KRGT-1 will be built to order with an initial offering price of $78,000. Production will be limited, making ownership a coveted experience.


When Reeves approached Hollinger at his motorcycle shop (LA County Choprods) 7 years ago, he was in search of a custom sissy bar for his near-stock V-twin cruiser. What followed was the idea to build an athletic, retro-modern custom motorcycle. That custom motorcycle became the prototype that inspired the formation of the Arch Motorcycle Company.

Once the decision was made to bring their concept to the public, Hollinger committed to the lengthy process of vetting his design to meet even higher aesthetic, performance, production and reliability standards. This three-year quest allowed time to perfect the ARCH philosophy, “Connecting The Art and The Ride.”


The Arch KRGT-1 represents the culmination of years of design and R&D focused on producing a category-defying American motorcycle with real world rideability to match the meticulous craftsmanship. Its streamlined retro-modern styling brings the contours of the past into the present. The bike showcases over 200 parts created at the Arch production facility, each bike requiring 300-plus machine-hours using state-of-the-art CNC and water-jet machinery.  Dozens of other proprietary parts are supplied by premium vendor/partners who share the same demanding standards.

ARCH-KRGT-1-Motorcycle-UAEWhat started in 2007 as a simple request for a sissy bar has evolved into the launch of the Arch KRGT-1, a true production model uniting refreshed style with modern performance technology. The Arch KRGT-1 is Presence in Motion.

The website has been updated with additional information including photos, videos and specifications.  The current delivery schedule is approximately 90 days from receipt of deposit.  For sales inquiries email or phone (310) 675-2724 ext. #1.