Some latest reports suggest that Kawasaki has confirmed that it will discontinue the mighty ZX-14R after 2020. Although the Japanese brand didn’t say the reason behind such a big step, it is very much possible that the stricter emission norms are the main reason. It is sad but true.

The new and stricter emission norms are there to preserve the environment, however, they are also leading to the death of some legendary motorcycles. Take Suzuki Hayabusa for an example. It was pulled off the shelves from the European markets and we don’t know until when would it survive in the other parts of the world.

And now it’s the Kawasaki ZX-14R that will take the axe.



Another reason behind the ZX-14R’s exit could be just the fact that the big daddy was facing too much heat from the Ninja H2 line-up. These supercharged bikes are lighter, more powerful, have the latest tech, and much more environment-friendly when compared to the ZX-14R.

Also, Kawasaki hasn’t updated the ZX-14R in a long time. The last update that it received was back in 2012.

All these factors must have contributed in one or the other way that led Kawasaki to decide to let the ZX-14R go.