Kawasaki Ultimate Z-uae-dubai

Kawasaki released the first teaser of its upcoming supercharged Ultimate Z last month and took us by surprise! We didn’t see that coming. While the world was busy speculating about the new naked green monster, the Green Team has launched another teaser video and also announced a date!

If you had any doubt whether the new Ultimate Z would be supercharged or not, this new video should clear that. Kawasaki has shown a fully-digital instrument cluster, metallic green chassis, an air intake, and an LED headlamp setup.

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We are expecting the new bike to be armed with a host of electronics to keep its wheels on the ground – things like traction control, launch control, ABS, and whatnot. As for the engine, it would be a similar 998cc, inline 4-cylinder supercharged engine that we’ve seen in the mighty H2.

All this will be unveiled on October 23, which is the opening day of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. We are ready to be supercharged. Are you?