Kawasaki Z H2 teaser-uae-dubai

The teasers of the Kawasaki’s first supercharged Z started to go live from earlier last month. Now, Kawasaki has released another new teaser video of the same and made us that much more curious and impatient about the new bike.

In the new teaser video, we can only see the side silhouette of the Z H2. And just by that, we can tell that this is going to be the most aggressive Z ever built. We see a huge fuel tank and a compact high-rise tail with the rider’s seat much lower. This means that the Z H2 could have a comfortable saddle/seat height even for the shorter riders.

We also spot a short windscreen above the dual-LED headlight setup. We wonder what this little guy would be able to do consider that the bike itself is likely to pack the same 998cc, in-line 4-cylinder, supercharged engine from the mighty H2 which has got 197 horses.

Kawasaki will unveil the Z H2 on October 23, the opening day of the Tokyo Motor Show and that day will indeed be a landmark in the history of the Kawasaki Z family.

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