Kane Avenallo

Kane Avellano is the youngest person to travel the entire world, at just 23 years old, on a motorcycle. He rode a total of 32,000 miles over a period of eight months to finish this behemoth of a task. The trip was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records recently. Kane, now back from the world trip says that everyday life is quite stressful for him. After finishing the trip, he is now consulting for another business and runs two other businesses while managing to get a masters degree in business and says that it is very busy for him.

Kane AvenalloHe finished the journey in January and then went to his routine life. When asked he says he works from nine to nine to get the businesses in place. He says he had a lot of difficulties when he was born and did not get his birth certificate for a while as he was born in Spain and moved to England causing a bit of a ruckus. This also made him lose the student finance and did not have any ID to show people until he was 20 years old.

He finally got things fixed, got his student loan and then got a motorcycle which he always dreamed of and got a Bonneville. It is to be noted that he did not know how to ride a bike when he had the dream of owning a bike and then learned for 3-4 days which he says was tough for him. The trip really helped boost his confidence. Before the great world record trip, he went with his girlfriend on a five-week journey but realized that he wanted more. Explaining the difficulties in travel, he explains the journey he loved and endured throughout the time he traveled revealing the adventurer he truly is.