Although you should be wearing proper riding gear while riding a motorcycle, but believe it or not, you just can’t comply with this every single time you take your motorcycle out for a spin. However, what you can do is put on a good quality helmet on every such occasion. Helmets have evolved over time, just like everything else in this world. Now, there’s a new company called Jarvish, that’s going to step into the helmet industry. These are suspected to be the most advanced helmets that we’ve ever seen.

Jarvish is a Taiwanese firm that is developing two products – the X and X-AR. Both of them are going to feature some of the very high-end techs. To begin with, there are two 2K wide-angle cameras, one is located at the front and the other one at the rear. Each camera provides a 180-degree field of view. This means that together they will have a field of view of 360-degrees.

Then we’ve got a heads-up display. Yes, we’ve already seen it on other helmets, but this one is a bit special because it features industry’s first voice activation system. This is capable to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth through the Jarvish app, and allow you to have notifications like an incoming call. The heads-up display would also show you other information like speed, weather conditions, and navigation.

Speaking about the helmets, CEO of Jarvish, Jeremy Lu, said, “The X and X-AR do not replace the need for smart, safe riding. Our vision is to enhance the motorcycling experience with smart features that mean a rider can focus on the road ahead without distraction.”

Both the Jarvish helmets are not just tech-laden, but also pretty safe. They are fully constructed by carbon-fiber shells. They have got safety certifications from CNS, DOT, and ECE. Jarvish has also provided anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-glare visor.

Mr. Lu further added, “We have combined the ultimate rider benefits with a stylish, lightweight helmet for motorcyclists who love their technology as much as the journey.”

It’s expected that Jarvish will launch its more affordable X helmet by the end of this year. It is already accepting pre-orders for it. The advanced version – X-AR – would see the light of the day sometime during early next year.