New standards are being set by iXS in terms of motorbike underwear with the Underwear Shirt & Pants Flame. The newly developed, flame resistant material protects the skin against burns through the burnt-in fabric. It is breathable, absorbs perspiration and feels naturally soft because of the high viscose content.

The iXS Underwear Flame creates a flame-resistant intermediate layer with the skin to prevent the melting of the upper clothing fabric or lining – either through frictional heat or through contact with the exhaust. With its incorporated aramid, the material is also hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant and protects against cuts.

The seamless design has a soft, pleasant feel on the skin and will impress you with its noticeable moisture management through fast moisture removal and great drying. The underwear prevents your jacket and trousers sticking damply to your skin and also serves as an additional layer for movement. This protects the skin against undesired forces and supports the rapid reduction in energy.

The functional clothing is extremely pleasant to wear because of the high viscose content. Viscose combines the positive features of cotton, silk and synthetic fibres. As it feels naturally soft, is breathable, but does not peel or rub off, viscose is extremely well suited as a base layer of clothing. The fibres are also very light and yet robust and absorbent.

Thanks to the ergonomic fit and the extremely stretchable material, the shirt and trousers hug the body perfectly and there will be no annoying creases. The two sizes available, namely M/L and XL/2XL, are therefore sufficient to cover a wide range of different body sizes.