Yamaha’s latest three-wheel leaning machine, the Niken, is expected to hit the showrooms pretty soon. Yamaha has already revealed a few videos related to the tech which made the Niken a reality. Now, latest news suggests that the Japanese might be working on a three-wheel V-Max.

Earlier this year Yamaha confirmed its plans in developing new models similar to the Niken. And it seems it is already got a new project up and running. Yamaha has filed a new patent which represents another three-wheel leaning vehicle, and surprisingly, it looks very similar to the V-Max. You can see the similarities between the patent drawing and the V-Max when the former is overlaid on a picture of the latter.

This is great news. Although the Niken is still to be ridden and reviewed, we’re quite optimistic about it. It is going to be a game changer in the industry. And Yamaha might have just opened the door to a whole new competition.


It isn’t long when we will start seeing Yamaha Niken on roads. Other manufacturers will definitely come up with similar products pretty soon. And Yamaha will still be a step ahead from them because it is already developing a three-wheel V-Max.