suzuki adventure bike-v-storm-uae-dubai

Recently, test mules of what seems to be a new adventure bike from Suzuki have been spotted in Italy. Both the test bikes were heavily camouflaged but they still gave out a few details. We’ve got a spy shot of the machines.

Some of the noticeable features that we can figure out from the spy shot include a large windscreen, LED headlamp, a front beak, blacked out front fender, alloy wheels, and engine. We also see a long travel front suspension setup and dual disc brakes at the front. The engine appears to be a V-twin unit. The overall silhouette of the bike resembles that of the latest Suzuki V-Storm 1000.

Since there were two prototypes being tested, it could possibly mean that there would be two variants of the bike. Chances are that the engine configuration would remain the same but the bikes would differ in terms of electronics and accessories.

We don’t think that this new adventure bike is meant for off-road purposes as there aren’t any such features to suggest otherwise. For example, there is no bash plate to guard the engine. An off-road adventure motorcycle is expected to have this as one of the basic off-road features. Maybe Suzuki is planning to have it and other similar elements available as accessories.

As of now, there are no further details regarding the price or availability of this new machine. It’s being expected that this could be an updated model of the Suzuki V-Storm range.