Proposed track for 2019 MotoGP season

The provisional calendar for 2018 season of MotoGP has been released recently with an addition of Thailand as a host of one of the 19 races while the venue for the British GP hasn’t been announced yet. Now, reports are surfacing which tell us that, perhaps, Indonesia will be given a green light to become a host in 2019 MotoGP.

Indonesia has proposed Palembang track as the venue, located in South Sumatra. The track isn’t ready yet but it will be well before the 2019 season. To design and construct this track, world-renowned circuit designer Hermann Tilke has been hired. According to him, “Whether it actually takes place in 2019 or 2020, I cannot say. But from our side as a builder, 2019 is realistic.”

Previously Indonesia was planning to upgrade its existing track, Sentul but the idea was dropped and a new track will be built from ground-up. This is certainly a better option than to renovating the old track as it will give better feasibility options from the perspective of infrastructure as well as track development.

The present terms between MotoGP teams and Dorna allow a maximum of 20 events in a MotoGP season. With the inclusion of Thailand for 2018 MotoGP, only one seat remains empty which would supposedly be filled by Finland for 2019 season. Now, if Indonesia gets itself up and running by the promised time, it would be a call between it and Finland that the administration needs to make.