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The 2019 American Flat Track Racing had its round 1 on 14 March at the Daytona Beach, FL. Indian Motorcycle once again shines through and won the round with flying colors. Giving Indian this joyous celebration was Briar Bauman who made his Indian Motorcycle Wrecking Crew debut.

Indian Motorcycle dominated the 2017 and 2018 season of the American Flat Track Racing and it is confident to continue that pace this year as well. With the round 1 in its pocket, that confidence just skyrocketed.

At the action-packed Daytona TT, Bauman astride his FTR750 took an aggressive lead early and created a considerable gap between himself and the rest of the field. Indian Motorcycle Privateer Henry Wiles (Bandit Industries, DPC Racing, Wilco Racing Indian FTR750) battled his way into second place but was unable to track down Bauman.

indian motorcycle-ftr750-2019-american flat track-uae-dubai-1

Speaking about the Briar’s performance, Gary Gray, Vice President-Racing, Technology & Service for Indian Motorcycle, said, “Briar had an impressive finish to the 2018 season as an Indian privateer aboard the FTR750. He and his crew put in an extensive amount of time and preparation during the off-season, so we’re extremely proud to see him find success this early in the season.”

Fellow Wrecking Crew rider Bronson Bauman raced to a fifth-place finish, while the back-to-back reigning Grand National Champion Jared Mees salvaged the Main event qualifier after uncharacteristically hitting the dirt twice during the Semi. Mees made a strong push early in the Main and was running in fifth until a mechanical issue ended his night early.

The next race of the 2019 America Flat Track Racing season is scheduled to take place on 24 March at the Atlanta Short Track at Dixie Speedway.