Indian Motorcycle Ride Command Infotainment System is the largest, fastest, most customizable system that you can find on a two-wheeler. Just like the motorcycles, this system has been carefully and intelligently developed to enhance the riding experience. To take this experience to a next level, Indian Motorcycle has just announced a software update for the Ride Command Infotainment System and also introduced a new mobile app.

Reid Wilson, Senior Director for Indian Motorcycle, said, “We continually focus on enhancing the rider experience. Our industry-leading Ride Command infotainment system is an easy-to-use platform that enables us to continually expand features with exciting new software updates. Pre-ride route planning and remote vehicle data accessibility are features our riders have asked for, and we’re excited to deliver these technologies.”

What is the new mobile app about?

The new mobile app is available for free download on both Android and iOS devices. This app will allow riders to connect their smartphones with the Ride Command Infotainment system via Bluetooth. Riders can plan routes and then transfer them wirelessly to the bike’s navigation system. They will also have access to various key information about their motorcycles like fuel level, oil life, tyre pressures and battery charge remotely on their mobile device.

Indian Motorcycle Ride Command System App-UAE-Dubai


Riders can also track rides, view service recommendations and log maintenance within the mobile app. They can set push notifications within the Ride Command mobile app and receive alerts for important service reminders. The app also tracks rides and allows riders to conveniently share completed or planned rides with friends on Facebook.

How to get the software update for the Ride Command Infotainment System?

The Ride Command Infotainment System is a glove-compatible, seven-inch touchscreen that is loaded with features and functions to enhance your motorcycle riding experience. There is a new software update available for it. Riders can get this update either by visiting a local dealership or by quickly downloading the software to a USB drive from the website This website also serves as the platform for riders to plan ride routes with up to 100 waypoints.



Riders can further update their Ride Command by downloading the free 2018 map updates at the Ride Command website or via a local dealer. New Chieftain and Roadmaster owners receive three years of complimentary map updates.