During the end of 2018, Indian Motorcycle filed a trademark application for ‘Indian Raven’. Then in January 2019, it filed another similar application to secure the name ‘Indian Renegade’. Now, it’s time for a third one – ‘Indian Challenger’.

As per the reports, a trademark for the name ‘Indian Challenger’ has been filed by Indian Motorcycle on 27th March in two categories – motorcycles and structural parts, and clothing. However, there’s no official confirmation of the same by the company.

Like the ‘Renegade’, the ‘Challenger’ is one of Chrysler’s products. Dodge Challenger is a powerful muscle car. Does that mean Indian would put this name to make something big and muscular?

When Indian Raven was registered in Dec 2018, a lot of speculations were made as to what could this be all about. Then came the Indian Renegade and the entire process was repeated. Now, it’s the ‘Indian Challenger’. We can make as many speculations as possible but eventually, we’ll need to wait until Indian releases some official information.