America’s first motorcycle company, Indian Motorcycle, opened an Experience Center in Spirit Lake, Iowa. The center showcases Indian’s journey and gives a tour of the manufacturing facility.

Based in Spirit Lake in the state of Iowa, the Indian Motorcycle Experience Center is a free-of-cost offering for motorcyclists, aficionados and fans to delve deeper into the rich history of Indian Motorcycle. Prominent models from Indian’s history are on show at the Experience Center, detailing the brand’s journey into the 21st century. Visitors to the Center will be given a tour of the Indian Motorcycle factory. Processes of production, robotic operation on motorcycles, and the chance to witness a new Indian motorcycle roll off the assembly line, all of these are complementary at the Center.

“As America’s first motorcycle company, we have a rich history and a loyal following of motorcyclists,” said Steve Menneto, President of Indian Motorcycle. “Right in America’s heartland, the Experience Center not only serves as a unique destination for motorcyclists to engage with the brand, but also showcases our outstanding people who build premium motorcycles.”

The Indian Motorcycle Experience Center will remain open for complimentary tours on Mondays and Fridays from August 21 through November 3, 2017. Tours will reopen in 2018. Tours will be conducted through appointments only, which can be made by calling Indian Motorcycle Spirit Lake Center on 712-336-6955.