Husqvarna recently unveiled the updated 701cc twins for the upcoming model year. The 701 Supermoto and the 701 Enduro will now enter the US markets and will be available from this month.

Husqvarna claims that the engine on the bikes is by far the most powerful single-cylinder engine that is offered by the company. The engines in its previous upgrade in 2017 had seen a boost of power with an additional 6bhp and 3Nm of torque while complying to Euro4 standards.

Both the 710 Supermoto and the 701 Enduro now comes with a ride-by throttle wire along with fully adjustable WP suspension. It features competition-level Brembo brakes and the latest ABS tech from Bosch. For MY2019, the company is providing the bike with a host of accessories.

Both the bike took its actual shape in 2017 after a major overhaul of its mechanics as well as cosmetics. The 692cc engine puts out 74bhp of power at 8000 rpm and 71 Nm of torque at 6750 rpm. The engine is enhanced with innovative mechanics such as active evacuation and forced lubrication of the crankcase that ensures 10,000km service intervals.

The four-valve cylinder with twin spark ignition allows exact valve timings at higher speeds due to the single overhead camshaft technology. The company states that it has added an extra 1000rpm of usable power to the engine.

The 701 Supermoto rides on a pair of black anodised tubeless 17-inch wheels while the 701 enduro gets a 21-inch wheel at the front, coupled with an 18-inch at the rear. The Supermoto stands as a dedicated off-roader while the Enduro would score as an adventure tourer evident from the larger wheels at the front.