Husqvarna-Vitpilen 701-Dubai-UAE

Amidst declining global motorcycle sales, Husqvarna bucked the trend by garnering even more annual sales than the previous year. 

2017 was not exactly a great year for motorcycle manufacturers around the world. A majority of the companies, with the exception of a few like Triumph, reported losses or reduction in profits compared to the previous year. Swedish bike maker Husqvarna however, had glad tidings in its annual earnings report.

The KTM-owned manufacturer, renowned for its wide lineup of motocross, enduro, and street bikes, sold 36,883 motorcycles in 2017, clocking a 20% growth in sales over the year 2016. The revenue for 2017 also reflects a 25% increment year-on-year. And these are not the only stats. This was Husqvarna’s fourth consecutive year of record-breaking sales, with more and more bikes sold each passing year.

The Svartpilen 401, part of the ‘Real Street’ range of Husqvarna.

The sheer amount of motorcycles moved over the year also helped the manufacturer record a turnover of more than $350 million. In 2017, Husqvarna introduced fuel-injected two-stroke dirt bikes, an industry-first product for the KTM Group. The TE250i and TE300i together have helped the Swedish marque corner the dirt bike market and set new benchmarks for other manufacturers playing in the same space. Additionally, all its enduro and motocross bikes were revamped as well.

With the launch of the Svartpilen 401, Vitpilen 401 around the corner, immediately followed by the Vitpilen 701, things are looking up for Husky. The company is promising the launch of these ‘Real Street’ models sometime ‘in the first business months of 2018’. At 2017 EICMA, the terrific Svartpilen 701 concept was also unveiled, only adding to the anticipation of its launch.

The simple and progressive Vitpilen is the other 401.
After the Vitpilen 701, Husqvarna will bring this bad boy to life: The Svartpilen 701.