We would be witnessing a few new middleweight sportbikes in the near future. Apparently, Suzuki and Honda are working on such motorcycles. Now, a new report suggests that Aprilia might be joining the gang as well.

According to the leaks, Aprilia might be working on a twin-cylinder sportbike. It is quite likely that this new model is going to be based on the mighty RSV4. Aprilia would use its notes that it made while making the RSV4 to this new model.

It is being speculated that Aprilia’s new twin-cylinder sportbike could be of at least 500cc. We would not be surprised if that number goes even further till 650cc. Honda is also working on two new 650cc motorcycles. So the Italians new work could hover around this segment, too.

As far as the looks of this new bike are concerned, we think it might take its design inspirations from the RSV4. Of course, there need to be some amendments to be done to suit the bike’s overall masculinity.

At this point in time, we are not aware of the progress of Aprilia’s work on this project. It would really be a surprise if it manages to showcase the concept of the new bike at this year’s EICMA show or INTERMOT. The production model should hit the markets only in 2020.