Horex might have called for a brand resurrection with its latest offering that was displayed at the INTERMOT this year.

The brand which was struggling with its sales of VR6 four years back has showcased the new Raw variant of the bike in Cologne. The eerie blacked out bike stood out mean and angry among others that were showcased at the expo. The bike features all blacked out components including every component on the 1218-cc six-cylinder engine that is murdered out for that sinister effect.

However, one of the very few components on the bike that was sparred the dark theme is the 7-inch TFT display that is brilliantly bright and thoughtfully laid out. The VR6 might be Horex’s another shot on redemption in the less popular segment.

The bike has a dry weight of 219kg and carried a six-cylinder engine that delivers 161bhp of power and 122Nm of torque. Other key features on the bike include a carbon fibre reinforcement (CFRP) in the rear subframe along with a CFRP in the clutch disks. And an Öhlins suspension front and aft, Brembo M50 front brake callipers, and forged aluminium wheels.

The bike also comes with plenty of impressive optional accessories including a titanium bolt kit, metal fluid reservoirs and Kineo spoked wheels.

With so much offering on the table, one has to crunch his or her wallet to buy the bike for $40,750.

In late 2014, Horex had declared bankruptcy due to the lack of new investors. The Horex project was off to a rocky start and was worded with production delays and key design changes. Evidently, a month after declaring bankruptcy, the company notified on Facebook that it was shutting its doors down. Now, four years later, Horex seems to be back on course with the new VR6.