In order to promote the use of electric motorcycles, Honda and Yamaha have joined hands. Both the giants have partnered up with Saitama City, located just North of Tokyo, to start testing an electric motorcycle (scooter, to be precise) rental program.

Honda-Hitachi-electric-bikeIt is planned to provide 30 small electric motorcycles for rent. The rental conditions and charges aren’t revealed as of now, but there are facilities to charge the vehicle and even swap batteries. This project is in its very initial stages and it will take time for the results to show up.

Otherwise tough rivals, Honda and Yamaha are working together on this rental program project and are really looking forward to it. This project will help Saitama City to control its carbon emissions. Even Honda and Yamaha will benefit from the project as they will get an opportunity to understand the market better and to launch more such projects in other cities in the future and develop their own electric motorcycles.

Development in the field of electric vehicles is happening at an extremely fast rate. It is inevitable that these vehicles will be the mode of transport in the coming future and we should start getting used to them from now. Projects like these will help companies to understand market demand and people will get to know more about electric vehicles.

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