Motorcycle safety has improved tremendously over the last few years. The technological advancements have helped companies to introduce and implement some groundbreaking safety features that we could never have imagined possible. Recently, Honda has filed a new patent which suggests the use of stereoscopic cameras to trigger an automatic safety system which would be used in the next-generation Honda Gold Wing.

As per the reports, this system utilizes a pair of cameras located in the front fairing of the motorcycle. These cameras are capable of detecting a potential collision and produce a stereoscopic image. The electronics of the bike can then react and make safety-based decisions like automatic braking and limiting speed.

Brands like KTM and BMW Motorrad are also working on a similar safety system which uses front and rear radars instead of cameras. Systems like these work as a riding assistant, something similar to what we have in modern cars. Honda has its own Honda Sensing technology which is being used in the latest models of Civic and CR-V available in the international markets. Active safety features like lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, road sign recognition, etc. fall under this technology.

We’re glad that motorcycle companies are taking safety seriously and working tirelessly to bring in new and enhanced features. It’s being anticipated that Honda would showcase or give a demo of its stereoscopic camera based motorcycle safety system in one of the big motorcycle show this year.