The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show is scheduled for the next month. Considered as one of the major auto shows in the world, it attracts a whole bunch of automobile manufacturers to join and present their latest outputs out in the open. Honda is all ready for its presentation which will include the Honda Riding Assist-e Concept.

Honda-Riding-Assist-e-concept-uae-dubai-02Earlier this year Honda showed us its Self Balancing motorcycle which was achieved by raking out the motorcycle’s front forks and then balances the motorcycle by moving the front wheel back and forth. The Honda Riding Assist-e is something similar. Of course, the added ‘e’ here signifies its electric-powered motor.

Honda has not released any information about the kind of powertrain would this concept motorcycle has. It seems the primary purpose of showcasing the Riding Assist-e at the Tokyo Motor Show is to let the world be aware of Honda’s capabilities. While this is just a concept, it really interests us that which would be the first production-ready motorcycle in the future in which Honda would implement this technology.