We’ve seen quite a bump in electric bike manufacturers over the last few years but not many claims have been made by mainstream brands. However, all that might change now with Honda entering the scene with their first all-electric production bike.

According to report that was shared February this year, Honda and Hitachi announced plans to get into a joint venture to create electric vehicles. Both these companies have now announced the formation of Hitachi Automotive Electric Motor Systems (HAEMS).

HAEMS will develop and build electric vehicle motors and other ancillaries and these products will be available for other manufacturers too and not limited to Honda. The new company is jointly owned, with Hitachi Automotive Systems owning 51% and Honda taking a 49% stake. The initial contribution towards this venture is 5 billion yen ($44 million).

Honda’s first electric bike will be the EV-Cub, which has been shown as a concept in 2009 and again in 2015 with some production ready modifications. Honda also showcased the 2011 Honda RC-E concept. If Honda goes ahead with the EV-Cub, the next motorcycle in line will be the RC-E and that is one serious contender for leading the electric sportsbike segment.