Honda has issued a recall notice for its chopper motorcycle, Fury. The recall has been announced due to a fault in the fuel tank of a few units of the motorcycle.

According to Honda, certain Fury models of 2017, 2016 and 2010, may have been missing some welds in the fuel tank. This happened as a result of some disruption at the factory which caused the parts to skip the final welding stage.

Hence, certain fuel tanks did not receive the necessary welds around the stay bracket and have only tack welds holding them together. Improper welds or insufficient welds can pose a safety threat as they can break because of the vibrations of the engine and real-world driving conditions.

Honda will contact the owners of the affected 20 units of the Fury. The dealers will inspect the bikes and even replace the entire fuel tank if necessary. All of this will be, of course, free of charge.