honda-electric-motocross-bike-concept-tokyo motorcycle show-uae-dubai

Gone are the times when electric motorcycles were a thing of the future. Today, there are numerous electric bikes available in the market coming from different manufacturers. We’ve noticed that most of those bikes belong to new companies whereas the big players have also started entering the segment. This time it’s Honda which has unveiled its concept electric motocross bike at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

Honda has named it as the CR Electric MX bike which is based on the company’s popular motocross bike, the CRF250. It can be seen that most of the parts of the parent bike have been incorporated in the concept machine like the twin-spar frame, chassis, swingarm, suspension, wheels, and brakes.

It was a bit of an issue to fit the batteries in the original frame of the CR Electric MX. To find a solution to this problem, Honda turned to Mugen, its partner at the electric TT Zero event at the Isle of Man TT. Mugen has a good experience with batteries and electric motors. Eventually, it created small sized batteries and an electric motor to suit the size of the frame of the CR Electric MX.

honda-electric-motocross-bike-concept-tokyo motorcycle show-uae-dubai

Although there’s no solid information about the power and torque output of this motor, it’s most likely to be liquid-cooled considering the performance-oriented behavior of the CR Electric MX.

The CR Electric MX concept is Honda’s big step in the electric motorcycle industries. Yes, this won’t be the first electric motocross bike, but it clearly shows how serious Honda is about this whole thing. We aren’t keeping our hopes high to see the CR Electric MX as a production motorcycle anytime soon but we would definitely like it to hit the assembly line eventually.