Harley-Davidson completely stirred the motorcycle market by recently announcing its future plans. The motorcycle giant revealed its interest in developing new motorcycles which would include an ADV tourer, a streetfighter, and a custom build. We can expect these bikes to become a reality by 2020. Harley-Davidson also unveiled its plans with electric bikes. It is pretty serious with this genre of motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson would introduce various electric bikes in the future. There would be a smaller street bike that could feature an electric motor from Alta Motors. Harley-Davidson has invested in Alta Motors and it is quite clear that it will be utilizing Alta’s resources to develop its own electric motorcycles. One of the USPs of this electric bike could be its size and range.

The other electric bike from Harley-Davidson would be an e-bike, like a bicycle. Yes, a Harley-Davidson bicycle. There could be many reasons why Harley-Davidson could be planning to develop an e-bike like this. E-bikes are affordable, powerful, and easy to manage. There are a few available in the current market and are getting a good response.

The next one here could be a crossbreed of a small street electric motorcycle and a pedal-assist e-bike, just like the one we just mentioned. This is a category which could see a great potential in the future. The electric bike of this genre would be small, light, and have a small electric motor with limited power. Reports suggest that KTM and MV Agusta are already on their way to enter this segment. Perhaps, that’s what sparked Harley-Davidson to explore this territory.

Harley-Davidson would also be interested in developing an electric scooter. Big brands like BMW and Honda have already entered this segment. This machine would feature a minimalistic design and a decently powerful electric motor. There would be a storage area under the seat, similar to what we are used to in conventional scooters.

These are some of the future electric two-wheelers that could become a reality if Harley-Davidson wishes so. Of course, apart from these, the much talked about Livewire electric motorcycle is also in consideration. The latest revelation about this bike tells us that it is that much closer to the production-ready model.