Harley-Davidson Pan America-uae-dubai

Harley-Davidson Pan America and Streetfighter have been spotted at a trade show in what seems to be their production-ready avatar! The primary purpose of showcasing the bikes at this trade show was to highlight their aftermarket parts that would be available once they are launched. Luckily for us, clear pictures of both the bikes were revealed by our colleagues at Nieuwsmotor.

It was more than a year ago when Harley-Davidson was going through a critical phase as its sales were consistently declining. And then, the company announced its plans which included three new motorcycles – Pan America 1250, Streetfighter, and a Bobber. Out of the three, two were presented at the recent trade show. We wonder what happened to the Bobber.

Harley-Davidson Streetfighter-uae-dubai

Of course, there are no exact details about either of the bikes. The only thing that seems certain as of now is the engine. The Pan America 1250 is likely to be powered by a 1,250cc V-twin engine whereas the Streetfighter would get a 975cc V-twin.

We are hoping to see the Pan America, Streetfighter, as well as the Bobber at this year’s EICMA and a launch in the US early next year.