Harley-Davidson might be pushing its levers harder than ever. Not long ago, the American manufacturer proved its stance by putting its jaw-dropping first-ever electric motorcycle, LiveWire, along with three other projects in its schedule. However, it could be said that Harley’s plans are not stopping there. The company recently announced technological and cosmetic additions in the reworked CVOs.  
Harley’s Custom Vehicles Operation (CVO) is a flag bearer of the company’s image in the cruiser segment. The segment creates limited-production Harley-Davidson motorcycles for its customers with exclusive finishes, materials, and accessories.

2019 CVO Limited 2019-Harley-Davidson-CVO-Limited-Dubai-UAECosmetic additions on the new 2019 model year of the CVO limited includes a Blaze Red band on the engine rocker boxes along with a Tomahawk 19-inch wheels in the front and 18-inch at the back. The bike also features exclusive Kahuna accessories including new shifter pegs, brake pedal cover, muffler end caps, heated grips along with rider and passenger footboards. 
Apart from that, the bike comes with new paint options including the Auburn Sunglo/Rich Bourbon/Black Hole with Contrast Chrome Tomahawk wheels, Red Pepper/Wineberry/Magnetic Grey with Contrast Anodized Tomahawk wheels and the Magnetic Grey Fade with Contrast Anodized Tomahawk wheels.

2019 CVO Street Glide


Similar to that of CVO Limited, the Street Glide also gets additions such as the new Blaze Red band on the engine rocker boxes and the Kahuna accessories. New paint options on the bike include Charred Steel/Lightning Silver with Contrast Chrome Talon wheels, Wineberry/Black Forest with Contrast Anodized Talon wheels and the Black Forest with Contrast Anodized Talon wheels.

2019 CVO Road Glide
2019-Harley-Davidson-CVO-Road-GLide-Dubai-UAEThe new Road Glide comes with a new Fang Front Spoiler and a ‘dramatic’ lower body work. Apart from that, the bike also gets a new Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather intake along with an Exclusive Knockout 21-inch wheels in the front and 18-inch wheels at the rear, making it the only Harley with sporting the 21-inch wheels.

New paint options on the Road Glide includes the Charred Steel/Lightning Silver/Black Hole with Contrast Chrome Knockout wheels and Bright Chrome covers and exhaust, Red Pepper/Magnetic Grey/Black Hole with Contrast Anodized Knockout wheels and the Mako Shark Fade with Contrast Anodized Knockout wheels.

All the three models of the CVO come powered by a 1917cc Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine that is exclusive to CVO models. Harley claims that the engine possesses a high-performance camshaft intake and an elevated compression ratio of 10.2:1 enabling it to deliver 169Nm of torque.

Another exclusivity common in the palette of all the CVO is the new Boom! Box GTS infotainment system, offered as standard in all the models. The advanced system includes a wireless headset with a Bluetooth interface.

The Street Glide gets the Six Boom! Stage II bi-amped speakers with 150 watts per channel from three separate 300-watt amplifiers for 900-watts total power.

The CVO Limited features a Four Boom! Stage I speakers powered by a single amplifier and 75-watts per channel. While the CVO Road Glide comes with the Four Boom! Stage II bi-amped speakers with 150-watts of power per channel from two separate 300-watt amplifiers for 600-watts total power.