It was sometime during July 2018 when Harley-Davidson revealed its future plans which included three new motorcycles possibly ranging from 500cc to 1250cc. Although this sounded very tempting, we had nothing at that time to be so sure whether the plan would turn into reality by 2020 as promised by the company. Well, now it seems that Harley-Davidson is likely to keep its promise because as per the latest reports HD has submitted new patent filings of a number of design drawings.

The filing has been done to the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The drawings clearly reveal three new motorcycles that Harley-Davidson is working on. These images are very similar to the motorcycles that the company was talking about in 2018 – Pan-America, Streetfighter, and the Custom 1250.

(L) Harley-Davidson Pan America prototype and (R) one of its drawings that’s been sent for patent filing.

Harley-Davidson Pan America would be a new adventure touring model powered by a 1,250cc V-twin engine. Its drawings have got a few additional elements to what we saw last year. These are cast wheels, radiator crash guards, a large, probably adjustable windscreen, and off-road style handlebar guards.

The other bike in question here is the Custom 1250. The name itself reveals the details of its engine – a 1,250cc V-twin. We have got its drawings as well and they are very much the same as the prototype. One of the biggest attraction of this model is its exhaust system. It is massive and clearly an eye-catching feature of the motorcycle. We can also see the beefier USD fork setup at the front.

(L) Harley-Davidson Streetfighter prototype with (R) its drawing.

The third and last bike that Harley-Davidson has got the patent filings of is the Streetfighter. The prototype looked very promising and we’re glad to see that its drawings are nearly identical.

The drawings of all the three motorcycles have got a V-twin engine. So all of them will be powered by a V-twin engine that’s for sure. However, we still don’t have any confirmation from the company regarding the displacement of the engine of each bike. We are looking forward to getting more details regarding these upcoming beauties very soon.

(R) Harley-Davidson Custom 1250 patent filing drawing looks very similar to the prototype (L).

Last year, when Harley-Davidson revealed its future plans, it was told that these new bikes will arrive in 2020. The submission of patent filings is a big step forward in the desired direction. We are quite optimistic about HD completing things on time. Once launched, these bikes will not only mark a milestone in the motorcycle industry but also in Harley-Davidson’s history.