Whenever I park my motorcycle, whether it is outside my place of work, in a parking spot, or even just outside my home, all the focus of my subconscious mind is perpetually towards my bike being alone, and chances of it being stolen. And just the thought of it really creeps me out. Well, there’s this new anti-theft device on the market that would help me to get rid of such thoughts.

This new device is called Grip-Lock. It is made in New Zealand. It is super easy to use, and it has got a cool design as well. In order to use it, you just need to open it and fit your throttle and front brake lever (after applying the brake) in the slots made, and close and lock it. That’s it. It would take you around 10-15 seconds to do this. And to remove it you just need to use the key to pop it out.

It has got an adjustable slot for your front brake lever and you can also adjust the width as per your throttle. It also looks pretty neat, so that’s an added advantage. Plus it comes in nine different colors, so you can pick yours as per your liking.

Grip-Lock is made rock-solid. It has got four hardened steel cores encased in a reinforced nylon body which protects it from corrosion. It has got a ten-year warranty. It is so much better than a disc-brake lock. It is easy to apply and remove.


For just USD 65, it is a great tool to keep your motorcycle safe. With this and a bit of luck, you would see your bike parked exactly at the same spot where you left it before running that errand of yours.

For more information about Grip-Lock, you can visit its website here.