limited edition honda cb1000r+-uae-dubai

The Honda CB1000R+ is already a sexy and desirable motorcycle. We have got no complaints about it. And now Honda has revealed a limited edition model which is sexier than the standard bike. So if you wanna have one then you should pull up your pants because only 350 units will be made.

What makes it a limited edition?

Honda has done certain revisions in the CB1000R+ so that it can justify the ‘limited edition’ tag. The first and foremost change is the color scheme. The new bike stands tall with utmost dignity in its new red, white, and blue paint job on its fuel tank and rear seat cowl. And of course, there has to be a serial number embossed on the fuel tank to mark the identity of the limited edition bike.

limited edition honda cb1000r+-uae-dubai

Moving on quickly to the noisy bit, Honda has included a new SC Project performance exhaust system. Now we’re talking. This entire sound system is definitely going to be melodious and it looks just fine, too. Honda has also used some carbon fiber on parts like radiator, air-filter box, and the exhaust shield.

What about power?

Well, it seems that the 141 bhp and 104 Nm of the 998cc inline 4 would suffice the needs of even the limited edition Honda CB1000R+. That’s why Honda has used the same engine in the same state of tune that the standard model has. Of course, there is also the ride-by-wire tech and the different riding modes – standard, sport, rain, and user.

So what do you think? Is it worth it?