Harley-Davidson CVO Ultra Classic 2010-uae-dubai

According to the reports, Harley-Davidson has announced a global recall of its CVO Touring and VSRC models (ABS models only) pertaining to a potential brake failure. A total of whopping 251,000 units are said to be affected by this.

The recall notice states that it’s mentioned in the owner’s manual of the bikes that as a periodic maintenance task, after every 2 years, the brake fluid should be completely flushed out and replaced by a new one. Evidence has emerged that if this activity is ignored and the brake fluid isn’t replaced for a prolonged period of time, then chances of material deposition on the components of the brake system prevail.

The notice further says, ‘Although the issue appears to stem from a failure to comply with maintenance recommendations, ‘the consequent sudden and complete loss of brakes, without warning, is a concern.’

Only the models manufactured during 2008-2011 are affected by this. Out of the 251,000 units, 175,000 units belong in the USA only. Harley-Davidson will contact the owners of the affected models and notify them about the problem. The problem will be rectified without any charge. The process will begin on 12 Feb.