Remember the on-the-go-air-conditioner that we reported about around a year ago, the BluSnap? It was a compact strap-on cooling system designed to be used with a full-face helmet to keep your head cool in scorching summers. We really liked the concept. Now, a year later there is an updated version of the product and it’s called the BluArmor BluSnap2.

The working principle of the next-generation BluSnap2 is the same, however, the company has done certain changes to make the entire produce lighter, smaller, and more efficient. It ditches the small water reservoir of the old model and uses a more absorbing foam-based filter. The user needs to submerge the removable filter in water for 10s.

Key features – dust-free ride, defog, long battery life, effective and personalized cooling, snap-and-go, rechargeable, for various sized full-face helmets.

“We spent a lot of time talking to customers that used our first generation product, and that has helped us dramatically improve the user experience for BluSnap2. Early feedback has been terrific, and we expect to help a lot of riders keep a cool head on the road in the weeks and months to come. ” commented, PK Sundararajan, CEO & Founder, BluArmor.


BluArmor says that the new model is 25% more efficient and provides a better air-flow than its predecessor. The temperature inside the helmet is up to 15 degrees cooler than that of the ambient condition. It has better airflow dynamics and new vent design.

The industry-standard chin-mount on the BluSnap2 is quick and easy to install and offers excellent high-speed stability. As far as the power source is concerned, the BluSnap2 is powered by a rechargeable battery that offers 10h of run-time on a full charge.


BluArmor has also improved the aesthetics of the BluSnap2. There is a modular grill at the intake which looks pretty cool. There are a number of color options of this grill that come as an add-on.

For more info regarding the BluArmor BluSnap2, check out its website.