Akrapovic, the well-known Slovenian exhaust manufacturer, has got a new family member just before the New Year. This new member is a very special person that has been an integral part of the world of professional motorcycle racing for over two decades. Ladies and gentleman, it is none other than Colin Edwards. He is Akrapovic’s first official Motorcycle Ambassador.

Edwards is an American and a former professional racer. He entered his first motocross race at age four, moving to road racing in 1991 where he went undefeated in every amateur event he entered and claimed numerous titles. At the start of 1992, he entered the professional motorsports and took the AMA 250cc title over challenger Kenny Roberts Jr. in his very first season.


He stepped up to MotoGP in 2003 with the Aprilia team, achieving his first podium the next year with Telefonica Movistar Honda. In 2005, he raced with factory Yamaha alongside Valentino Rossi for his best season finish of fourth, barely losing out on a bid for a race victory at the last corner at Assen in 2006. There is so much more to tell about this American’s 22-year career.

Known as the “Texas Tornado”, Edward has his own motorcycle school, the Texas Tornado Boot Camp, and has also been involved in many other TV, personal, and sports appearances throughout the race season.

Akrapovic and Edwards have their own history. In 2000, Edwards won the World Superbike title aboard an Akrapovic-equipped Castrol Honda RC51, This was Akrapovic’s first-ever world title.

Speaking about his new position in Akrapovic, Colin Edwards says, “It’s an honor to be an Akrapovic brand ambassador. When I came here a few months ago, I was very impressed with what I saw at the factories. Akrapovic is a top-level company that’s good to be associated with.”


He further added, “Everything is top level, from the workshop on. It’s good to be associated with a product that’s the best and easy to understand. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have a room named after me and to be part of the company. We’re planning many things to promote the brand. It will be a fun adventure.”

As of now, Edwards’ new role will be communicating the advantages of the company’s products in 2019, including aspects of performance, weight, durability, innovations, and much more, all of which the American has experienced in his career.

Igor Akrapovic, Akrapovic Company Founder and Owner, says, “It’s very special to have the first Akrapovic brand ambassador from the two-wheeled world, and it’s extremely fitting that it’s Colin. It was such a significant moment in the history of the company when he won the world championship with us in 2000.”

He continued, “I remember doing a huge amount of testing on his bike because Honda kept developing the engine and we had to update the exhaust every time. We worked really hard to get what they needed – I think it was more than forty modifications – but it’s part of our DNA to get the best, so the harder they worked us the more it paid off, and together with Colin, Honda, and we won the championship. Akrapovic is pleased to have him as part of the family, and we look forward to working with him.”