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Ducati has been working on radar-based safety systems for motorcycles for many years now. We’ve seen a few prototypes earlier in the past. However, there has been no information as to when and in which model would Ducati implement the radar tech, until now!

Latest reports suggest that Ducati is planning to implement radar cruise control in the Multistrada 1260 GT – the new top-end model of the Multistrada series of motorcycles and, hopefully, the first production Ducati to get the radar cruise control. So the bike would feature radars on both its front and rear end. These radars will send a plethora of information as a live feed to perhaps a set of highly sophisticated computers with advanced software.

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The entire system is expected to identify and point out vehicles present in the rider’s ‘blind spot’ or even traffic approaching at high speed from behind. It would also work as adaptive cruise control, something that is quite common in modern cars but not on motorcycles.

So why the Multistrada 1260 GT? If it had to be a Multistrada, we were expecting it to be the Multistrada V4. Well, unfortunately, it is not. This means that the Multistrada V4 is still a long way from home and meanwhile it will be the new Multistrada 1260 GT that is going to rule the top charts.

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Basically, the new Multistrada 1260 GT is based on the current Multistrada 1260. Except for the touring accessories, there are no mechanical changes at all. And of course, the radar cruise control would be its unique feature.

It is being anticipated that Ducati would showcase the Multistrada 1260 GT with the radar cruise control at this year’s EICMA in November. It would be interesting to see whether we get to see this bike with the radar tech at the Ducati World Premiere 2020 in October or not.